Friday, November 7, 2008

Slow Down

On Wednesday I went to the Coldplay concert with Nikki. It was so nice to leave my job and do something fun. I felt like I was in college again where life was so laid back. I miss those days where we could just be. I get so caught up in the everyday rush that I forget to slow down and just relax. Usually, I am just going to the next thing that I rarely just live in the moment. Each day we should take time to just do something for ourselves; something we enjoy doing. I really should get better at this...

You can't tell but we had great seats!

Me and Nikki at our suite

Love his voice!

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Lance and Kim said...

Hey Jenn - I am glad you are back to blogging......I missed reading your updates. You need to go see our new ultrasound pictures on our blog. We are looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!